Thursday, July 24, 2008

Meet Your Blog Authors

The Write Impression is a place to come and share resources, ideas, and general information about anything related to the world of writing. Hayley and Yana are friends and writers on very different paths here to share their interest, insight, and impressions.

Meet Hayley

I began learning, practicing, and performing technical writing in 1999 when I asked my college advisor the question, "What in the world is technical writing?" Although I eventually earned both my BA and MA degrees in the discipline, I find (like many other working technical communicators) that I continue to ask the same question.

The majority of my writing experience comes from my career as a marketing coordinator and proposal writer for a large engineering firm. I am currently, however, the 37-year-old, stay-at-home mom of a teenager and a toddler, and I am slowly but surely adventuring into the world of freelance technical writing.

Meet Yana

My love of writing came about as a result of my love of reading. I became a serious reader around the age of seven and haven't stopped since. About two years ago, I co-founded a book club with a friend of mine, and it's still going strong. I earned my B.A. in English literature, but as graduation neared, I began wondering what exactly I was going to do with that degree. This led me to pursue a master's in technical writing, which is where I met Hayley.

For the past 6 years, I have been working as an elementary social studies textbook editor. I love the variety and creativity of this job, especially the historical research I do. Occasionally, I've done some freelance editing in various disciplines, and I've edited countless resumes and cover letters for my friends and family. In the future, I hope to continue gaining experience in different areas of editing and publishing.

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The Margin Wight said...

Greetings, ladies. I found your blog today and I hope to visit often.